Only one remaining April Cleanse date: 30th April *Please note*: Delivery/Pick Up occurs the Sunday prior to the Monday start date.

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Less than 5% Fructose in Every Cleanse.

The Gut-Health Cleanse is our most popular Cleanse. Its range of flavours, textures and thermo-diversity means it is suited to most body types. It is especially designed for those that have digestive discomfort and/or want to reduce bloating. 

Please select a starting date as per the calendar above. Delivery or Pick Up occurs the evening prior to the selected start date.

  • Why Cleanse?

  • Benefits of a GUT-HEALTH CLEANSE

  • Daily Intake

  • Delivery

  • Some indicators to complete an GUT-HEALTH Cleanse are:

    • Unable to shift excess body weight / striving for a new body composition.

    • Seeking to re-set the body and mind

    • Skin irritation (dry skin, cloudy complexion, acne)

    • Sugar or caffeine cravings / addiction

    • Foggy brain function (lack concentration)

    • Moodiness and easily irritated

    • Frequent flu-like symptoms; blocked sinuses (mucus build up)

    • Fatigue and slow recovery – e.g. feeling ‘dusty’ upon waking

    • The key to the success of a KARMIC cold pressed juice cleanse is that all juice is specifically formulated by our in-house nutritionist and are Low Fructose.

    • Common benefits of completing the GUT-HEALTH CLEANSE are:

      • Reduction in Body-Fat & Fluid retention

      • Better eating habits and desire for healthy living

      • Improved skin quality

      • Reduction in body inflammation (less puffiness around the face)

      • Less reliance on sugars and caffeine

      • Improved sleep quality

      • Increased positive energy and clarity of thinking

      • Faster physical recovery and strengthened immune system

      Every cleanse will be a completely unique and individual experience – the body will do what it needs to do at that moment in order to restore balance and essential life energy.

      • 8 items per day: 6 Low Fructose Juices + 1 Digestive Smoothie + 1 Spring Soup. 600 Calories per day

        • 1 serve of Morning Zing (Served Warm): Increase metabolism + kick-start digestion 

        • Berry Digestive: Soothe Digestive Tract + Anti Inflammatory + Reduce Gut Bloating
        •  2 serves of Leafy Green: Phytonutrients + Vit A, K, C for anti-aging and cell repair

        •  1 serves of Red Raw: Antioxidants + Nitrates to increase metabolism and energy

        • 1 serve Pumpkin Bliss Soup (Served Warm): Vit C + Beta-Carotene + Anti-Inflammatory to rejuvenate Skin

        • 1 serve Botanical Chia Tea: Balance hormones + Reduce fatigue 
        • 1 serve of Bee Pollen Almond Milk (Served Warm): Zinc + Magnesium + Good Oils for body and mind balance

      • KARMIC Cleanse programs are Delivered or Picked Up the evening prior to the selected starting date. Longer durations are made up of 2 or 3 Day 'batches' to ensure freshness and quality (i.e. 4 Day Cleanses will have two deliveries, no extra charge). 

        • Free Pick-Up option is available between 4.00pm and 6.00 pm the evening prior to the selected start date from the Elwood Store (1/29 Scott St, ELWOOD 3184) EG If Monday is the selected start date, Pick Up will be on the Sunday evening.

        • Residential Address Delivery occurs between 4.30pm and 8.30pm the evening prior to the selected start date. EG If Monday is the selected start date, delivery will be on Sunday evening.
        • Delivery is a flat fee of $18 to residential home in areas with verified postcodes. We have a specific delivery radius to ensure the best quality service and product, so not all suburbs can be serviced at this time.

        • For more information regarding delivery please see the Delivery Page here....