ORGANIC "ZEN" CLEANSE: $67 per day


  • ORGANIC "ZEN" CLEANSE: $67 per day
  • ORGANIC "ZEN" CLEANSE: $67 per day
  • ORGANIC "ZEN" CLEANSE: $67 per day

AUGUST Dates all SOLD OUT. September 4th just released :)

This variant is currently sold out

Very Low Fructose. 8 Kg's of Green Vegetables in every 2-Day Cleanse.

The ZEN Cleanse is designed for those that are experienced in Juice Cleansing and whom know their body well. 

Starting dates are as per the calendar above, just select the date which is best for you.* Some days may be booked out earlier than others.

*Delivery or Pick Up occurs the evening prior to the selected start date

  • Why Cleanse?

  • Benefits of a Cleanse

  • Daily Intake

  • Delivery

  • Some indicators to complete a Cleanse are

    • Unable to shift excess body weight / striving for a new body composition.

    • Seeking to re-set the body and mind

    • Skin irritation (dry skin, cloudy complexion, acne)

    • Sugar or caffeine cravings / addiction

    • Foggy brain function (lack concentration)

    • Moodiness and easily irritated

    • Frequent flu-like symptoms; blocked sinuses (mucus build up)

    • Fatigue and slow recovery – e.g. feeling ‘dusty’ upon waking

    • The key to the success of a KARMIC cold pressed juice cleanse is that all juice is specifically formulated by our in-house nutritionist and are Low Fructose.

    • Commonly reported benefits of completing the ZEN Cleanse are:

      • Reduction in Body-Fat & Fluid retention

      • Better eating habits and desire for healthy living

      • Improved skin quality

      • Reduction in body inflammation (less puffiness around the face)

      • Less reliance on sugars and caffeine

      • Improved sleep quality

      • Increased positive energy and clarity of thinking

      • Faster physical recovery and strengthened immune system

      Every cleanse will be a completely unique and individual experience – the body will do what it needs to do at that moment in order to restore balance and essential life energy.

      • 8 x Cold Pressed Juices Per Day: 450 Calories.

        • 1 x Lemon Spice (Lemons, Cayenne Pepper and Filtered Water)

          Aids digestion, helps regulate blood sugar and increases the temperature of your body (kick-starts your metabolism)

        •  6 x Leafy Green (Kale, Cucumber, Spinach, Celery & Lemon)

          Phytonutrients + Vitamin A, K, C for anti-ageing and cell repair

        • 1 x Almond Chai (Almonds, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cloves, Raw Honey, Himalayan Salt and Filtered Water)

          Mono-unsaturated oils and trace minerals to relax and repair (iron, magnesium and calcium)

      • KARMIC Cleanse programs are delivered or picked up the evening prior to the selected starting date. Longer durations are made up of 2 or 3 Day 'batches' to ensure freshness / quality (i.e. 4 Day Cleanses will have two deliveries, no extra charge). 

        • Free Pick-Up option is available between 4.00pm and 6.00 pm the evening prior to the selected start date from the Elwood Store (1/29 Scott St, ELWOOD 3184) EG If Monday is the selected start date, Pick Up will be on the Sunday evening.
        • Residential Address Delivery occurs between 4.30pm and 8.30pm the evening prior to the selected start dateEG If Monday is the selected start date, delivery will be on Sunday evening.
        • Delivery is a flat fee of $18 to residential home in areas with verified postcodes. We have a specific delivery radius to ensure the best quality service and product, so not all suburbs can be serviced at this time.

        • For more information regarding deliver please see the Delivery Page here....