Organic Immune Booster Pack

KARMIC Cold Pressed Juice

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A weekly pack designed to be integrated into your normal healthy diet to help boost the immune system and nourish the body.

The Immune Booster Pack contains 12 items.

Select any combination of 6 Lemon based drinks and 6 Pumpkin Bliss soups or Bone Broths.

All items will last 6-days from delivery in this pack - so you can integrate them into your normal daily food and drink consumption as an easy, no fuss way to stay on top of you health, immunity and vitality.

Lemons help bolster the body’s ability to protect itself as they are packed with Vitamin C (a natural antioxidant with powerful antiviral properties), Vitamin B-complex, Bioflavonoids and minerals (potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron). Furthermore, lemons help to purify the blood stream, flush toxins from the liver – all of which help to keep the body's immunity strong.

Bone Broths and Pumpkin Bliss soups have a high concentration of minerals and vitamins, which help strengthen your immune system. Additionally, they aid the body’s overall health by helping to heal & seal your gut (easing digestive disorders), reduce inflammatory markers and restore adrenals (bolstering energy).

 Items to select from (in the drop down menu above):


 Lemons, Ginger, Cinnamon, Mint and Filtered Water

Aids digestion, helps regulate blood sugar and increases the temperature of your body (kick-starts your metabolism)



Lemons, Cayenne Pepper and Filtered Water

Aids digestion, helps regulate blood sugar and increases the temperature of your body (kick-starts your metabolism)


Pumpkin, Coriander, Tumeric, Himalayan Rock Salt, White Pepper & Garlic


Vit C + Beta-Carotene + Anti-Inflammatory to rejuvenate Skin. Herbs and Spices mixed with whole foods to ensure the body receives a combinations of enzymes and nutrients to assist a Cleanse whilst keeping the body warm.



Organic Chicken Bones, Filtered Water, Pink Himalayan Salt, Apple Cider Vinegar.



 Organic Beef Bones, Filtered Water, Pink Himalayan salt, Apple Cider Vinegar

The benefits of Bone Broth are substantial to say the least. When the healthy, organic bones are cooked for a significant period of time (specific to the bone density) they excrete a myriad of proteins, amino acids and minerals. Some of the best-known elements found in abundance in Bone Broth are: Gelatine, Collagen, Glycine, Glutamine, Arginine, Glucosamine and Chondroitin.  

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